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Our vision as Eco-Artists is to provide a unique Fine-Art-Light quality product which is aesthetic, functional, and ecologically sound.

Our wide array of hand-crafted original designs interweave worldwide cultural influences and symbols with our own unique style of dipping-twisting-braiding-weaving, creating elegant, intricate, and "never-before-seen" candle designs in 100% beeswax.  We are happy to share our light-giving-sculptures with you and are honored to have our Fine-Art-Light included in your daily, seasonal, and special celebrations!


Deena Manis & Talbot Uehlinger met in 1979, while studying Visual & Performing Arts, Philosophy, and East-West Psychology in college.  They have been creating artistic designs in beeswax since 1980 and continue to develop their art forms, inspired  by worldwide cultures & traditions, ritual, symbolism, theology, mythology, sacred geometry & Nature.  Each have studied a multiplicity of artistic mediums and  foundations as well as delved into the comparative study of  world  spiritualities and the healing arts.  Deena and Talbot weave together their artistic strengths and visions, as they do their golden beeswax, into Multi-Dimensional Works of Light that welcome and inspire collaboration and participation in what they aspire to create: A Sacred Healing Art Form.

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